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How CBDa Saved My Life

How CBD Saved My Life

Have you become so used to chronic pain, that you’ve forgotten what the freedom of a healthy body even feels like?


It doesn’t seem like that long ago for me…


...that I dragged my weary body out of bed and caught my reflection in the mirror.


There I was. 


And yet I didn’t even know this person reflected back at me anymore.


This woman spent days on end in bed.


This woman was on multiple medications for depression, anxiety, chronic headaches and constant leg pain.


This woman barely had the strength to care for her children.


And she was completely at her wits end.


You see, after having run a successful foreclosure real estate business for over 10 years, the market got better and we lost our big clients. I had to lay off my staff and close down and it broke my heart.


The stress and sudden financial insecurity, which coincided with the birth of my son, totally triggered an autoimmune condition that causes elevated levels of antibodies and results in the immune system attacking the thyroid gland.


And nothing was helping.


Not the cocktail of prescribed meds. No amount of rest. Or painkillers.


And as I looked at this weary woman in the mirror, I just knew there had to be an answer out there. There had to be a new way of feeling that would turn my life the right way up.


And it was a fight I was willing to make for the sake of my children, so they could finally have the mother they deserve.

It wasn’t long after this decision that my prayers were finally answered.


After lots of scrolling and research, I discovered CTFO 10xPURE.


Willing to try anything at this point, I ordered my first bottle.


And the positive effects were almost immediate.

I cried at the realization that I finally had something that worked, without all the nasty side effects I’d been experiencing.


This CBD oil literally saved my life and transformed my family.


That’s why I’m sharing this story with you. If just one person who is suffering out there reads this and finds comfort in knowing there’s a solution - then all that pain will have been worth it.


Thanks to CTFO 10xPURE CBD Oil, I am now:


  • Energized

  • Pain free

  • Present with my family

  • Happy


AND financially free!


I am so passionate about how CTFO 10xPURE CBD Oil has truly transformed my life. And because I believe it is hands-down one of the highest quality CBD products on the market, I have partnered with them.


Now, not only do I get to use their products virtually for FREE, I also generate enough income to have the freedom to be home with my kids.


Such a far cry from the broken, pain-ridden and stressed out woman I used to see in the mirror.


So if you, or anyone you know, is looking for a remedy to alleviate chronic pain and/or find financial freedom then click on this link for more information.


Or send me a message and I’d love to share more info with you!


Lots of love,






Why CBDa?

It can help with


CTFO CBD has been shown to  aid in digestion and reduce vomiting & nausea

Fatigue / Insomnia

CBD CBD is also able to help the body sleep better, which is the peak time when muscles are given the chance to recover.


CTFO CBD has been shown to support optimal immune function and the regeneration of healthy cells

Reduce Inflammation & Pain

CBD supplement powder can help these athletes reduce pain, inflammation and soreness after a workout, heal faster and improve their sleep at night

Muscle Spasms

CTFO CBD has been shown to  to suppress muscle spasms; and reduce seizures & convulsions. 


CTFO CBD has been shown to relieve anxiety and promote relaxation and overall health and wellbeing.


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