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CTFO is free to join and there is no purchase requirements to earn income. Everything is drop-shipped directly from the warehouse to the customer. There are no catches or surprises. It is 100% free to join and you can earn 20% commissions on the commission-able value (CV) of purchases made from personally enrolled customers and associates.


This is all without any kind of purchase or qualification yourself. But wouldn’t you like to benefit from the entire compensation plan? Let’s get you upgraded and set a great example for those you are going to sponsor!

Be a Product of the Product


Yes, CTFO is Free To Join… But didn’t you join this company to make money?


If someone asks you how the products work for you… what are you going to tell them? “Well…I don’t use them but…” 


Do you think they will trust you and buy from you when you tell them this?


Would you buy from someone who doesn’t even use their own products?


Can you round up $1.60 a day to make yourself a product user and be active? Watch above video and maybe this will help in understanding the importance of being a product of the product! 

How to Set Up Autoship

  • First Log In. Go to (make sure to include your “username” ) then click on “login” at the top of the page next to the “Join Now” button

  • After you’ve logged in click the big Green”SHOP NOW” button.

  • Click the “Manage Autoship” button next to the search bar

  • Click “Activated ADO” (Auto Delivery Order)

  • Click “Billing” and enter your preferred payment method

  • Click the Green “Add Autoship Products” button in the middle of the page.

  • Locate the products you want to place on Autoship by category at the top of the page and click the “Add To Autoship” button under the product of your choosing.

  • Click “Manage Autoship” next to the search bar and then click the “Update Autoship” button.

  • Last, click “Pay And Ship Today” to get your order processed and your autoship activated.

Congratulations! You just become an Active Associate within 5 minutes and will now be paid on your entire organization from here on out as long as you continue to place an order every month!

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