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3 Months Still Going Strong 💪

If you asked me back in January what I was doing that day, I probably never got back to you because I was just too embarrassed to tell you I planned on staying in bed ALL day. Besides for the crippling pain in my joints and head, my brain fog was out of control - I couldn't even hold a conversation. The ringing in my ears also didn't help and neither did the chronic fatigue. My kids were suffering because I couldn't give them the attention they deserved and be the "fun mom" they always asked for. My marriage was in a dark place as well... And to make matters worse, I was totally wasting $$$ on my gym membership because I NEVER WENT!

However, in February, after starting my journey with CBD - things are 100% different. I only SLEEP in my bed at NIGHT. I hit up the gym at least 3X per week. I go grocery shopping instead of ordering everything online because I was in too much pain & too weak to carry. I'm taking my kids to birthday parties on the weekend. I'm even taking them to playdates! My husband and I are even back to our weekly date nights (super important for marriage) 💚

I know a lot of you are already taking CBD or are on the fence. For those who already take it or are about to purchase, please look at the bottle - make sure there are less than 4 ingredients and also make sure it's made with PCR Hemp!

A lot of people tell me CBD didn't work for them, only to find out they were using "Fake CBD" from Amazon or a low quality brand made with regular hemp...or perhaps they were taking an isolate instead of full spectrum (or vice versa), their dosage could also be way off.

So many variables! I can help! Use me as a resource! 📥 me and I'll help you find the product that's right for YOU. Everyone is different so I would not recommend the same CBD strength or product for everyone. It's not "one size fits all."

All I know is, I found my 🦄and I'm feeling amazing.

You can too 🙏

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